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The Fire-Image photography web-site gallery displays work captured by award winning Fire Photographer Keith D. Cullom. To capture the efforts of firefighters and portray that heroic and emotional "IMAGE" is and has always been his objective. Fire Photography accomplished throughout his career as a firefighter, and love of the fire photojournalist environment has created a unique collection of images from each of the fifty United States. Fire apparatus photography was the first film subject, beginning in Southern California, and expanded to every state of the union and to every aspect of the fire service. Fireground, Rescue and EMS, Haz-Mat, Training, apparatus, tools and any task or skill employed by firefighters is the subject content found on this site. This site captures the intensity and excitement of the moment and archives the fire service action, educates those served and is meant to honor those firefighters who answer the alarm with dedication, bravery and heroism. This is the objective and result of his work.

The Fire-Image captured in photographs by Keith has graced the covers of scores of fire service trade magazines, books, manuals and calendars. Retired after 35-years active service, as a fire department captain, he has also worked for more than twenty years to help improve the use of photography in the fire service as an officer of the IFPA and CFPA and continues to be active as a Fire Department Photographer with both the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

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